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Birthdate:Jul 17
My writing journal: coffee_shock. It´s completely dorky, but I love it.

English is not my first language but usually I try not to sound _too_ stupid.
I'm a lesbian. I write and read and talk about it obsessively. I work as a psychologist in a neurological rehabilitation clinic and most of the time I like my job. Well, sometimes not so much, but the people I work with are so sweet and kind and adorable. My patients ... not so much. ;)
So in a nutshell: I love books and boobs and brains.
I´m an obsessive fangirl (I do everything obsessive) and I spent most of my spare time reading and/or writing fanfics. I love slash, femslash, het and gen pretty much equally.
I´m usually a very nice person and don´t bite - so go ahead and bother me.

reading, writing, tv shows, books, movies, slash, history, food, sleeping, talking, femslash, gen, horror, lesbians, boobs, pretty girls, nerds

Teen Wolf • The Avengers • Batman • Yu-Gi-Oh • The Social Network • The Pacific • Band of Brothers • Generation Kill • Inception • Star Wars • Star Trek • Prince of Tennis • BBC Sherlock • Doctor Who • Torchwood • Supernatural • Harry Potter • Scrubs • L Word • White Collar • Buffy • Digimon • Banana Fish

♥ Slash-Pairings
Scott Mccall/Stiles Stilinski • Arthur/Eames • Seto Kaiba/Joey Wheeler • Peter Parker/Wade Wilson • Dick Grayson/Jason Todd • Aragorn/Legolas • Dick Grayson/Damian Wayne • Richard Winters/Lewis Nixon • Sledge/Snafu • David Webster/Joe Liebgott • Mark Zuckerberg/Eduardo Saverin • Brad Colbert/Nate Fick • James T. Kirk/Spock

♥ Hetero-Pairings
Stiles Stilinski/Malia Tate • Scott McCall/Allison Argent • Scott McCall/Kira Yukimura • Jeff Winger/Annie Edison • Han Solo/Leia Organa • Jaime Lannister/Brienne of Tarth • Logan Echolls/Veronica Mars • Steve Rogers/Natasha Romanoff • Ron Weasley/Hermine Granger • John Connor/Cameron • Peter Bishop/Olivia Dunham • Peter Parker/Gwen Stacy • Hardison/Parker • Jacob Black/Bella Swan • Dale Cooper/Audrey Horne • Arthur Pendragon/Morgana • Ramses Emerson/Nefret Forth • John Dorian/Elliot Reid

♥ Femslash-Pairings
Malia Tate/Kira Yukimura • Allison Argent/Lydia Martin • Nina/Lily • Sharon Carter/Natasha Romanoff • Kahlan/Cara • Pepper/Natasha • Jane/Darcy • Joan/Cherie • Santana/Brittany • Mal/Ariadne • Shane/Molly • Nami/Vivi • Jess/Jo • Bela/Ruby

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Join beacon_hills! Don't be a sour wolf, be a werewolf or a hunter!

Where do you stand in the fight for Beacon Hills? Are you a proud hunter or a determined werewolf? Join beacon_hills</lj>, an interactive challenge comm for MTV's Teen Wolf and find out. The very 2nd Phase is starting and it'd be great fun to have some new member join in the fun.

You can either become a Hunter or a Werewolf, but both team are great and you'll have fun with which every one you are sorted into.

Apply here, let them know I sent you | Got a question? Ask here

For beacon_hills

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For avengers_land

Bucky/Natasha made by rei17, Darcy made by miz_tith and Natasha made @ mizzy2k

For femslash_land

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Favorite Quote
"You listen up, Pierce! I'm gonna tell you what my mother told me when I wanted to quit cheerleading. 'You're not very pretty, you have no boobs, and you can't do a basket toss to save your life.' But you made a commitment. So pick up your pompoms, Pierce, stuff your bra, and get ready for the team bus to forget you at a Taco Bell, because life is tough. But we soldier on, and that's just the way it goes."
Annie Edison, Community (1x05)

no junkie like you

the end is where we started from
i burnt the bones
but something always brings me back to you

i'm missing years and days and seconds
i keep forgetting the words
my name
and the time
i might've missed work
i think i left home in my slippers again

it is heroin
it is dementia
it is delirium

i wish you hadn't come
i wish you'd never go
i should've buried you deeper

i should've listened to the voices in my head

it was fun while it was lasted
it was hell when i paid
it was everything
it was the beginning of the end
but nothing ever hurt as good as this3takeaside
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